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Who We Are

Creative solutions inspired by passion and expertise.

We love to be creative, in fact we expect it of ourselves. We get our kicks from thinking outside the box and going above and beyond.


Safety is first, in our daily operations and in our engineering and design.


We make decisions in the best interests of our people, the people we work with, and the people we work for.


We always do what is right; we do not compromise our values.


We love a challenge; we are driven to deliver creative, quality, fit-for-purpose solutions.


We leverage our collective experience to deliver the best possible solutions.


We intend to thrive for the good of our people, partners, and our communities; we are here for the long term.


Our founder and president, Brent Rheaume, starts working as an independent contractor in the Grande Prairie area.


Rheaume Engineering incorporates and we hire our very first employee. Yay!


We open our office in Calgary’s Beltline neighbourhood.


We open our current office in Grande Prairie’s Richmond Industrial Park.


CFD team is developed.


We expand our Calgary office, still in the Beltline.


First Montney multi-well pad project kicked off.


Pipewise Technology Ltd. is commercialized.


Rheaume celebrates 15 years in business!


Brent Rheaume, P.Eng., PMP



As president and founder stationed at our head office in Grande Prairie, Brent Rheaume uses his entrepreneurial spirit to lead Rheaume Engineering with creativity and innovation at the forefront of everything they do. With more than 30 years of experience in reservoir, production, operations, and facilities, Brent provides direction for Rheaume's strategic growth with a focus on technical expertise combined with field service.

What are your hobbies, Brent? +

What are your hobbies, Brent? I love spending time outside with family and friends. I can regularly be found snowmobiling or playing hockey, and I also love pushing myself to reach a new personal best in slalom waterskiing. My current record is 22’ off at 30 mph, but I think with a few more reps I will be able to beat that! There are great places in the southern US for lessons on ski lakes that I enjoy visiting when I get the chance.

Outside of work, what are you known for? I find it very important to give back to the local community, and I am well known for my efforts in the minor hockey community. I have volunteered as both a coach and a board member. It is a huge social network where our family has made great friendships across Alberta and Western Canada.

Tell us something we don't know. I grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. I don’t consider myself very old, but I am old enough to have used an outhouse growing up and a well with a hand pump for drinking water. Hauling drinking water with a pail from the well in addition to many other farm chores was part of my youth. My parents were the ultimate mentors in innovation and hard work.

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David Munjak, P.Eng

Project Manager


David Munjak uses his wealth of experience in oil and gas, acoustics, mining and smelting to be an effective senior project manager for us. With bachelor’s degrees in both engineering and commerce from the University of Western Australia, David has a strong understanding of what needs to get done at every level of our projects. David enjoys building and sharing technical expertise and establishing effective relationships. David is well known for his involvement in process safety, management of change, pipelines and as-building.

What are your hobbies, David? +

What are your hobbies, David? I am an avid photographer and traveller and I particularly enjoy taking landscape and architecture photos during my world travels. About four years ago, I began researching my family’s history. I have traced back 14 generations on some lines and even managed to visit my great-grandfather’s old farm in Croatia. I was the first member of his family to go back since he left there over 100 years earlier.

Outside of work, what are you known for? I would say I am most known for my involvement with the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie. While I’ve only been an official member since 2019, I have been volunteering and working on projects with them since 2005. I am a member of the Dream Home Lottery Management Committee and over the years, my family and I have hosted 11 exchange students from around the world.

Tell us something we don't know. Before I moved to Canada, I lived in the north west of Western Australia, where summer temperatures routinely soared above 45°C. I used to think 20°C was really cold. Fortunately, my blood has thickened and I cope really well with Alberta winters.

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Greg Krebs, P.Eng.

Business Development


Strong social skills, a background in production and a drive to innovate allow Greg Krebs to thrive in a business development role. Greg has more than 25 years of experience with junior to multi-national E&Ps in all disciplines of engineering, including operations, drilling, completions, and facilities. Based out of our Calgary office, Greg takes his strengths in asset development, corporate planning, A&D, and project management to build, navigate, and strengthen our client connections.

What are your hobbies, Greg? +

What are your hobbies, Greg? My wife and I love to travel around North America, and when we do, we make a point of trying out new and adventurous restaurants. I also have a self-proclaimed hockey addiction and I have spent many years in a rink, as a player, coach and fan.

Outside of work, what are you known for? I’m very active in the hockey community around Calgary and Okotoks. My three sons all play hockey, so I have spent a lot of time volunteering as a coach or minor hockey board member. I have really enjoyed watching my boys grow as athletes as their games have taken them all across Western Canada and the world. Most folks associate me with oil & gas or hockey, but I also have a daughter who is a very talented singer/songwriter based in Nashville and Calgary.

Tell us something we don't know. I grew up on a grain farm in a farming community called Whitemud Creek, which is north of Valleyview in the Peace Country. Like most farm kids who grew up during those days, I started helping out at a very young age. I drove my first tractor at eight-years-old and moved up to the grain truck when I was 11. Fun fact, I also still hold the 200m track and field record that I set at my high school in 1990.

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Ian Baggott, P.Eng.

Business Manager


Throughout his more than 30 years of leading upstream oil and gas project management initiatives, Ian Baggott has mastered the ability to put people first when managing the bottom line of a project. Experience in facility design, coupled with a past ownership role at a mid-sized engineering consulting firm, makes Ian a strong business manager in our Calgary office. Ian is able to provide direction on company operations, client relationships, programs, and team development and execution.

What are your hobbies, Ian? +

What are your hobbies, Ian? Myself and my family are very passionate about the beautiful backyard that Alberta has to offer. We like to spend our time together biking and skiing in the mountains, and we are very fortunate to have access to such amazing areas to visit so close to home.

Outside of work, what are you known for? Given that Alberta often has such a long winter, I take advantage of that by skiing at Lake Louise. I cannot recall a weekend where I missed a Saturday or Sunday on the hill in the 35 years that I have been a season pass holder at Lake Louise.

Tell us something we don't know. When I was 12-years-old I lived in the Philippines and spent three months travelling around the world, from east to west.

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Joey Adams, P.Eng

Project Manager


Joey Adams is a mechanical engineer with more than 10 years of experience on various upstream projects who currently focuses his time on managing our wellpad engineering team. Joey’s attention to detail and drive for perfection help to ensure our wellpad projects are successfully completed within budget and on schedule. Joey has previously carried out the roles of mechanical lead and project engineer on smaller gas plant MOCs and larger projects such as a sulphur plant expansion and a dehy addition.

What are your hobbies, Joey? +

What are your hobbies, Joey? I love spending time in Alberta’s outdoors, with pheasant hunting alongside a Labrador retriever being a favorite. I also have an interest in the military and aviation; I have attended RIAT in the United Kingdom as well as 18 consecutive Abbotsford airshows. Lastly, I am a huge sports fan, cheering for the Calgary Flames and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Outside of work, what are you known for? Probably for always being in the middle of a renovation. My wife and I bought an older house six years ago and we are updating it room by room. I am very particular, so I do all the work myself, including soldering, wiring, windows, and concrete.

Tell us something we don't know. I was named after famed NFL quarterback Joe Montana. Also, I was born and raised in Banff, making me the sixth generation of my family to live there. Growing up in Banff is just like any other small town in Alberta for the locals, who ignore the bustle of tourism.

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Megan Belke, P.Eng

Process Engineer


Megan Belke is a process engineer with 10 years of experience with process engineering, industry peer presentations, and field operation engineering. Megan is a patient and skilled communicator, and takes pride in her ability to mentor and inspire young professionals. Megan is an excellent team-player, and enjoys working with the operations, maintenance, operations engineering and project engineering teams. Megan attended the University of Alberta, where she received a degree in Chemical Engineering with Computer Process Control. Megan works closely with the process group, especially with PSV and flare system evaluations.

What are your hobbies, Megan? +

What are your hobbies, Megan? I love experimenting in the kitchen, finding new and exciting dishes to share with my friends and family. I also always make time to go on walks with my dog and master my favourite yoga poses.

Outside of work, what are you known for? I am an avid skier and in the winter I spend as much time as possible teaching skiing at Nitehawk. I really enjoy helping kids and adults discover a love for the sport.

Tell us something we don't know. I am a third-generation Grande Prairian, and my family is very important to me. They are the main reason I decided to settle back in Grande Prairie, as I really enjoy being close to them. Being close to them on a regular basis allows me to spend my vacation time travelling around the world.

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